We are engaged in providing optimum quality LAN Networking Service to our customers. With the help of latest technology our team undertakes the execution of network integration in order to meet the requirement of high speed data, audio, video transfer.


We Network schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Enterprices, Big buildings and churches.

A local area network (LAN) has several benefits such as:

  • You can share peripherals like expensive laser printers
  • A fileserver can be used to store and share documents and files centrally.
  • The computers on the network can be centrally managed.
  • You can utilize Internet resources effectively.

Networking using Cables

Despite advances in wireless technologies, many computer networks in the 21st century still rely on cables as a physical medium for devices to transfer data. Hypertech Solutions Limited is the leading network installers using cables in Kenya!


Wireless Computer Networking

Although mainstream wireless networking has made amazing strides over the years, wireless technology remain a bit difficult for most of us to comprehend. We will help you through the process of planning, building, and testing a wireless network.


High Quality Design

We think about the big picture while networking your premises. With the cummulative experience of twelve years, we ensure that you get the best solution to your need at a very affordable price. Hypertech Solutions is your partner in Networking