Hypertech SmartPOS

Product Description

Hypertech SmartPOS is a Point of Sale system for retail outlets. This software helps increase efficiency and accuracy hence lowering operating costs. The POS includes features most desired by retailers, such as inventory tracking, credit card processing, cash management, customer loyalty as well as detailed reporting to help retailers make smart business decisions.

Product Specifications

Product Title: Hypertech SmartPOS
Product EAN: HYP15/001
Level: Businesses and Enterprises
Modules: Inventory Tracking Control, Comprehensive reports, Credit Card Processing,Multi-Store Support, Multi-Currency Support, Customer Loyalty, Purchase & Reorder

Product Features

  • Inventory Tracking Control

    Hypertech SmartPOS gives the retailer ultimate control of their stock at any given time. The user is able to get a snapshot of the accurate stock position for all their outlets and get complete transaction history of a product i.e. from which supplier it was purchased, at what rate it was sold and to whom. In short, they have 100% knowledge of what is in the shop, what needs to be in the shop and what does not.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    This software provides varied comprehensive reports from sales for any period, sales returns, pending quotations, sales orders to inventory analysis reports e.g. dead stock report, fast moving products, slow moving products etc

  • Credit Card Processing

    The software has capability to take up credit card transactions as well as M-Pesa.

  • Multi-Store Support

    The software supports multiple stores and synchronizing data into a central database.

  • Customer Loyalty

    It has a customer loyalty program where customers can earn points and get rewarded as per the accrued points.

  • Purchase & Reorder

    The software manages inventory with the ability to track all purchases and sales, hence at every given time it’s able to show the reorder status of every product.