Hypertech iSchoolPro

Product Description

Hypertech iSchoolPro is a school management software that automates all aspects of school management. It is a flexible tool that can be customized to meet any school work flows, processes and management needs.

Product Specifications

Product Title: Hypertech iSchoolPro
Product EAN: HYP14/001
Level: Primary Schools & High Schools
Modules: Student Mangement, Library Management, Integrated SMS, Finance Management, Reports & Analysis

Product Features

  • Student Management

    Entails student enrollment, class/streams management, subject management, exam management, marks entry, generation of report forms, term subject and class analysis.

  • Library Management

    Library management facility helps the school to manage library items i.e. library items inventory and tracking issuance and return of items to students.

  • Integrated Sms

    Integrated SMS facility provides a communication portal where the school can send results and informational notifications to parents as well as ease communication among the staff.

  • Finance Management

    Finance management deals with fees payment, tracking student balance, generation of student fees structures and pocket money management. It also assists in tracking collected funds under different vote heads

  • Reports / Analytics

    Reports and Analytics offer a way to generate various reports like student lists, exam results, report forms, term and subject analysis, admission statistics, class-based student analysis, and gender analysis for institutions with mixed gender.