Hypertech FrontDesk

Product Description

Hypertech Frontdesk is a Restaurant Management system that greatly enhances efficiency in all aspects of a restaurant from booking, sales, guest management to room management.

Product Specifications

Product Title: Hypertech FrontDesk
Product EAN: HYP17/001
Level: Hotels, Restaurants & Guestrooms
Modules: Reservation & Booking, House Keeping, Laudry Management, Touch Schreen Point of Sale

Product Features

  • Reservations & Booking

    This software handles all aspects of bookings and reservations for individuals and groups as well.

  • House Keeping

    Housekeeping includes room management, tracking clean/dirty rooms, out of order rooms etc.

  • Laundry Management

    It has a module for managing laundry (washing, pressing etc) for both clients and hotel laundry.

  • Inventory Monitoring & Control

    The software is capable of tracking all the assets of a Hotel from all departments.

  • Touch Screen POS

    It has a touch point of sale interface which can be used over multiple screens for convenience.